Pracownia Rzeźby
„… Beauty: the adjustment of all parts proportionately so that one cannot add or subtract or change without impairing the harmony of the whole" (Leone Battista Alberti)

sculpture workshop

kopia rzeźby pakistańskiej z XVIII w. , technika: żywica syntetyczna, wysokość: 87 cm kopia rzeźby pakistańskiej z XVIII w. , technika: żywica syntetyczna, wysokość: 87 cm Lot czapli”; technika: ceramika szamotowa, mosiądz patynowany; wymiary: 1m x 87 cm Tablica pamiątkowa; technika: brąz patynowany; wymiary: 54x65 cm materiał: brąz patynowany, wysokość: 23cm materiał: brąz patynowany, wysokość: 23cm statuetka Cane corso firmy Arte Perruno, wys ok 20 cm Portret, technika: ceramika szamotowa, wysokość: 24 cm „Dobranoc”; materiał: brąz; wymiary: 28cm; płaskorzeźba portretowa z cyklu „Maski” wykonana w technice na wosk tracony" bez tytułu; materiał: wosk pszczeli; wysokość: 18cm Postać; technika: żywica syntetyczna, piasek kwarcowy; wysokość: 80 cm „Skok”, technika: brąz, dąb; wysokość: 30 cm Chrystus”; płaskorzeźba z brązu, element nagrobka, wykonana w technice na wosk tracony ; wysokość: 23 cm ceramika szamotowa, polerowana

In Urszula Szymańska’s art studio large and small sculpture forms are created from materials such as bronze, brass, synthetic resin and ceramic clay. I create statuettes, commemorative plaques and medals, statues, busts, reliefs and artistic ceramics. I offer my sculptures for sale and I take commissions for art projects of any kind.
To firms I especially recommend STATUETTES, commemorative PLAQUES and MEDALS which are casted in metals, bronze, brass; with lost-wax casting and sand casting methods. All my works are unique as they are handcrafted.
OUTDOOR SCULPTURES, MONUMENTS, BUSTS and other sculptures are created in metal or synthetic resin. They are weather resistant and can imitate any material e.g. stone. I can create sculptures of any size or theme. I also make sculptures or portraits from a live model.
CERAMICS in my studio are mainly original items which can make interesting gifts or interior design decorations (lamp bases, reliefs, decorative mouldings, dishes, etc.). It is possible to create a sculpture in ceramic version - terracotta.

PROJECT. I take individual care with every commission by trying to transfer client's expectations into an artistic form. During the whole creation process I maintain constant contact with the client. I usually make 1 model, which can be reproduced from 1 to 50 times creating a small set. PRICING is an individual matter and it depends on material that is being used, as well as on the size and the complexity of the project. There is a possibility of disclaiming copyrights to a client.
CONTACT ME. You can contact me by phone: +48 668 052 950 or by email: