Pracownia Rzeźby
„… Beauty: the adjustment of all parts proportionately so that one cannot add or subtract or change without impairing the harmony of the whole" (Leone Battista Alberti)


Urszula Szymańska Urszula Szymańska was born in Poznań in 1979. After graduating from secondary school of fine arts she studied sculpting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, in prof. J. Petruka's and prof. J. Kopczyński's workshops. She graduated with distinction in 2005, with a diploma in sculpture. In 2006, looking for new experiences, she spent couple months in Balkan countries; she studied among others at Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana (Albania). She runs her own sculpting studio where she works on sculpting as well as on ceramics.


  • XI 2010 „Sculpting for Poznań city and Greater Poland Region” („Rzeźba dla miasta Poznania i Regionu Wielkopolski”); Galeria Nowa, community centre in Koło.
  • medals, plaques and small sculpting forms exhibition „Greater Poland in Europe”, („Wielkopolska w Europie”);
  • „Profil” art gallery, XII 2005 – I 2006;
  • AFA (ASP) students’ outdoor exhibition in Szamotuły, 2004;
  • „AFA in Palm House” „ASP w Palmiarni”, Poznań 2002;
  • furniture store Klose, Poznań 2003 and Poznań 2004;
  • honoured theses exhibition of PLSP graduates, „Polony” art gallery, Poznań 1999;
  • X 2011 r. ; accompanying sculpture exhibition of XIV international violin competition „Dedication to Henryk Wieniawski” („Dedykacja dla Henryka Wieniawskiego”); Poznań
  • III 2012 „To be a woman” („Być kobietą”) community centre in Komorniki Wielkopolskie
  • III 2012 „Sports exhibition” („Wystawa sportowa”) community centre in Komorniki Wielkopolskie
  • IV 2012 „Ball flies so high” („Piłka leci hen wysoko”) Empik in Poznań;
  • IX 2012 Puszcza Zielonka Landscape Park "Po horyzont", Botanical Garden in Poznań
  • II 2013 Opaliński castle in Sieraków, "History, myths and legends of Poznań and Greater Poland region" ("Historia, mity i legendy miasta Poznania i regionu Wielkopolski")
  • III 2013 community centre in Zduny near Krotoszyn